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  1. good meeting you mamita at dorchester projects- check out my lil blog and let’s link up female radio producer info- do you already know Sunyata Altenor- also a radio producer in chicago who works for radio diaspora ?

  2. Hello Ayana Contreras,
    My name is Raqueal Henry and I attend Western Illinois University. After reading your website, I am really interested in the line of work you do. I would really appreciate it if I could interview you for a class. Please let me know what you think. You can contact me at

  3. I heard your show today about the Memphis- Detroit medical connection and this Detroit native immediately thought of an obscure 1969 LP, “The Detroit-Memphis Experiment” by blue eyed soul singer Mitch Ryder. He is backed by the classic Memphis studio band, Booker T and the MG’s and the Memphis Horns with Steve Cropper doing most of the arranging. It is on the Dot label. You might want to check it out.

  4. hey how about on an occasional Friday night you host the music show on WBEZ, PLEASE. We need a break from the world music on Friday nights….

    • Hello LD, programming is not my department; but I can pass along the message. Thanks for reaching out!

  5. Hi Ayana,
    Long time listener, first time ‘caller’.
    My mom is having her 70th birthday this month and I was wondering if you could recommend some songs to play during her party. I’d like to play all music from the 70s but don’t know what to play beyond main stream stuff. She loves R&B and Soul and since we’re from Detroit, any and all Motown is great. If you could recommend some things or point me in the right direction, that’d be great.

  6. love what you do! any way you can post the soulelujah track you previewed this morning? just want to hear it again … thanks!

  7. Heard you on the morning shift today 4/18. Have you checked out this deeply beautiful soulful version of Pain(Your love goes deeper) – Frankie Beverly & The Butlers.

  8. Love your show. I worked for Elektra Records from 1972-1998. Before that, I played in a local group called Happy Day.
    I remember Curtom records on Milwaukee Ave
    Recording engineer Fred Brightberg.
    You really bring back some great memories.

    • Hi Denny. Thanks so much for listening. Happy Day was eventually on Uni, right? I have a Purple Cucumber 45 (“Green Eyed Song”) and somebody told me once that they were basically the same act as Happy Day. Is that true?

  9. Hi, Ayanna:
    How can I access your great playlist from the Chefs Heritage event from last summer? It’s no longer available via SoundCloud. The music, food and ambience was a sublime experience.

    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks Annette! Soundcloud tends to take down DJ mixes for music ownership reasons. Apologies. It was a wonderful time at the Parkway Ballroom, though 🙂

  10. Ayana-
    I tuned in this weekend to catch the rebroadcast of your Thursday October 22nd 2020 show, I heard your interview with a trio of very talented men, however I did not catch their band name and I would really like to explore their music, it was mesmerizing. If you could please be so kind as to share the band name.

    Thank you!

    • Hello, Jesica. First off, thanks so much for listening to Reclaimed Soul. The interview and performance on that program featured the band Bottle Tree. Their sole album was released on International Anthem Records. Thanks again!

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